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On this website you find the genealogical information about the family Voeltzel and the descendent families Velzel, van Velzel and Felzel. The earliest ancestor on this site is Michel Voeltzel who was born around 1590 in Hanhoffen-Bischwiller (French). Several descendants of this ancestor have left their native area around Bischwiller and are found in Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Czech Republic, United States en Switzerland.

The search for missing familymembers isn't yet complete. Please take a look at the site and if necessary add the missing or incorrect information.

Details of people still living are for privacy and security reasons not visible on this site. So no birthdates, usually no pictures and no other personal information of people still living. Familymembers and friends can see the private information after logging in. If you have a username and password, you can log in here , or from other pages, at the menu.

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Born on this day
Maria Magdalena Huhardeaux1750unknown
Marie Katherine Voeltzel1776Bischwiller,67,FRA
Louise Voeltzel1817Bischwiller,67,FRA
Jacques Ehrstein1840Bischwiller,67,FRA
Georges Guillaume Jaeger1840Bischwiller,67,FRA
Sophie Magdalena Voeltzel1866Bischwiller,67,FRA
Johan Herman Felzel1907Assen,DR,NLD
Luc Francis Sylvain Voeltzel1949Savonnieres en Perth ...
~ 8 members of our family were born on this day ~
Anniversaries on this day
Wybrigjen Fokkes Venema
Bote Sibbles Spandaw
Married: 1829Family
Jakob Voeltzel
Magdaleine Emma Jung
Married: 1831Family
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Died on this day
Albertje Alberts de Weerd1805unknown
Henri Voeltzel1917unknown
Antje van Meerveld1995unknown



Database Statistics
People: 3479 (578 Living)
Males: 1763 (50.68%)
Females: 1704 (48.98%)
Unknown: 12 (0.34%)
Families: 1160
Number of Surnames: 962
Average Lifespan: 63 years 16 days
Earliest Born: Willem van Steenwinkel
Born: ABT 1490
Last update : 12 Jan 2015